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Set Your Business Apart

Online Product Photography
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Product imagery is 90% of the impact a customer experiences when viewing your company website. Your website images are the most important aspect of content marketing. High quality images makes your company more visually appealing and creates a long lasting impression on the minds of your visitors. The more you use high quality images, the more people will like to see your content.

Users Remember Attractive Visual Imagery

People remember what they see, and most often not what they read? The power of an image is hard to ignore, and if you're not including great images of your products then you will be losing out on serious sales.The truth is, the better your products look, the more you will sell. Visual content is the central pillar of web design; current trends indicate that users’ preference for attractive visual imagery over long swathes of copy continues to increase. If you haven’t already, it’s really time to assess whether or not your product photography is letting your site down. We emphasize the importance of high quality product photography, because it will separate your business from the competition.

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Increased Competition

Good product photography has never been more important. Having alluring visual imagery is the easiest way to set your business apart from all the competition online. If your company offers genuine, high quality products then it’s only smart business to have images that reflect this.

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Mobile Audiences

As more audiences access your content on the move, there’s increasing pressure to capture the attention span of users. Great product photography should do the talking for you, illustrating the quality and distinction of your product ranges and enticing your audiences to read into them further.

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Social Media

Social media audiences react best to attractive visual content, which is reflected in the dramatic increase in users of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. This means that your product photography must look professional and branded distinctively setting your social media presence apart from competitors.

Web design trends dictate that your site’s photography is going to be more important than ever before. As an e-commerce business, your product images are the strength of your marketing, and as such their appearance will affect the customer’s perception of your company. Can you really afford to neglect this?

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