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Rewired For E-Commerce Demand: Another Barn Find

William Noel - Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BARN FIND – Can you imagine the live Dixieland Jazz Band music? You are likely to hear lively jazzy sounds when cruising through antique car shows. I like going just to photograph the cars, and checking out their restored handcrafted styles; it’s one of my favorite photo subjects. It is interesting taking-in the colorful shimmering action blurred off the reflections and glaring across each shapely body. I can see the excitement flickering from the polished enamel curves and mirrored chrome trim of every classic car?

RARE BEAUTY – Legendary finds of vintage vehicles, antique automobiles, and classic cars is a loved fascination all over the world. Hidden from view for decades, unearthing classic cars from barns or fields is one of America’s favorite romantic hobbies. A ‘barn find’ is a rare classic car that is discovered abandoned, usually in rusty dilapidated condition. Many of the people who discover barn finds tend to be collectors and offer to purchase the car to restore it back to its exotic beauty.

THE CONCEPT – Sand out the rust and polish off the scratches. Does your marketing reflect the astonishing brilliance of an authentic handcrafted business? Is your business retrofitted and rewired for today’s online e commerce demand? Your most urgent charge must be future-proofing your company with polished online activity. It involves content that tells your unique entrepreneurial story. That is what customers love to believe in. Get answers to your E Commerce and online marketing questions.