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Relationship Building With Architects And Builders: Vintage Wood Is Good

William Noel - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Recycled timbers, barn beams and antique lumber became our new home back in 1976. My trend-setting Dad de-constructed several old Pennsylvania barns to collect and refurbish every beam and board. It looked like an old-world lumber yard on a few acres of the property with stacks of timber being air-dried for a few years. Then everyone helped clean, de-nail, and brush each surface being careful to maintain the antique patina. Every piece was cataloged and numbered so the architect and builder could fit together matching timbers into well fitting combinations. That was 38 years ago – today the business of reclaimed vintage wood for home construction has become a thriving enterprise.

9 KIDS STRONG – Floor boards came from the barns second floor loft area where 3 inch thick planks garaged heavy farm machinery and wagons along with tons of stored grain, hay, and straw bales. These planks were sanded and refinished resulting with a very beautiful floor surface and super strong for 9 kids. Slim Carbaugh was Dad’s life-long carpenter friend, who did most of the fine carpentry throughout, selecting and fashioning traditional joinery to fit together wall boards, cabinets, and floor boards.

OLD–WORLD ATTITUDE – What is your favorite story about your business? The recycled wood industry has a unique story to tell about every home their products beautify. That’s not selling – it’s relationship building with buyers, architects, builders, and home owners. This is still the rock of good business in spite of changing technology. That attitude remains to be about relationships – consistently communicating with your village and merchants. Building your business traditions, telling your personal stories – these are the values customers love to believe in. You can no longer be just another website.