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Is Your Business Showing the Color of Hope?

William Noel - Tuesday, April 09, 2019

COLOR OF HOPE – Up into the Pennsylvania foothills it was apple orchard gleaning time and another traditional family outing celebrating our sister Debbie’s birthday. Autumn always reminds me of this particular picnic every November.  Dad and Mom packed all nine of us kids into the big station wagon and took us on a day trip to Musselman’s Orchard. Now a famous brand, Musselman’s products are found in every grocery store. The day was all about bushel baskets of apples with a crisp crunchy picnic lunch, and birthday cake. Most delicious where the fresh picked apples and thoughts of the next days apple pie.

AUTUMN FIRE – Being close to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Carter Mountain Orchard here in Charlottesville, our autumn family tradition still calls me out to witness the vibrant, steady solemn fall. The blazing oaks and golden-leaf maples seem to have the color of hope in them – looking forward to spring. Their changing foliage announces a mood promising that the long winter months will yield to vibrant life again.

THE CONCEPT – Is your business showing the color of hope? How can you build up your business online? Celebrating your own business and its founding, building your companies traditions, and displaying spectacular color of hope is what customers love to believe in. Begin to celebrate the future-proofing of your business. Get answers to e-commerce and online marketing questions…