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William Noel - Tuesday, February 19, 2019

LIGHTNING DARE – Inspiring or scary? Growing up as ‘free-range-kids’ about a quarter-mile from our hometown in Pennsylvania, my brother and I had countless boyhood adventures. Jerry was audacious and always the bold, brave one who once talked me into wading through flooding streets during a torrential thunderstorm. The howling wind and booming danger escaped our thrill. At ages 11 and 12, that kind of earth trembling exhilaration and raw fearful excitement was electrifying. The massive storms mammoth flash boomed and echoed through our bones with all its glorious might. Our hearts beat the same clapping speed and tempo of the storms pealing thunderous strike. Such risky play I don’t recommend, although that wild wade through the river torrent streets added some gusto and bravado to our character.

RISKY PLAY BENEFITS – Growing up challenging and testing ourselves with the benefits of risky “free-range’ adventures made for living our lives full of excitement and curiosity. There are quite a few stories I’ve saved-up for future posts to tell you about; we had many escapades of thrilling danger. Studies have highlighted the benefits for children to experience physical risk-taking activities (probably not lightning-dare) to develop their confidence, self-esteem, and perseverance; and to help them learn to become capable and responsible adults.

THUNDER IN YOUR VILLAGE – Massive, mammoth online business is shaking the ground around traditional 20th century marketing. Are you challenging your risk-tolerance? Strike the rock of good business. The rock of good business is not about selling, it’s about building relationships and tending your village. It takes stories about you and your business. These are the values customers love to believe in. You can no longer be just another website.