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Online Business Fires-Up When Tending Your Village: Bright Bravery

William Noel - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BRIGHT BRAVERY – What wakes you up early in the morning? Hailing volunteer firefighters at 3 am, the fire house alarms from towns in all directions rang out their distant muffled wails. Soon there were fire trucks with streaking streams of brass, chrome and flashing lights rushing by. Beautiful, shiny, and polished, they're blaring, loud sirens blasted down the road past our childhood home in the country side of New Oxford PA. Fear and awe struck me with its hot flashback, thinking about who might bear this tragedy tonight.  Firefighters on the rescue hurried to the call, wearing their bright bravery, ready to battle the fiery beast.

AID TO THE FIREFIGHTERS – Soon a relative had called to inform us that our friends, the Pennings’ dairy farm was on fire, and asked for our help in providing food and sleeping-cots to aid the firefighters. The fire fight had continued for several days requiring long, tiring shifts with non-stop fighting. In the end, our friends had lost their dairy farm, although fortunately no loss of life or livestock had occurred.  Recovery and rebuilding became a community effort in many ways providing all that was needed to help the Pennings family restore their dairy business.

TENDING YOUR VILLAGE – It’s an old world attitude transformed into a new world technology – neighbors and business telling their stories. As online business fires-up, it’s just like old world relationship building – still the rock of good business. That attitude is not about selling, it’s about tending your village. If you want to connect, be helpful, be supportive, it takes stories. These are the values customers love to believe in. You can no longer be just another website.