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One Earth-Force You Must Navigate

William Noel - Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Like the fierce wind, mammoth Internet business is shifting the sea around traditional 20th century brick and mortar business. Are you learning how to cut through the swells and the art of catching the wind full?  Go ahead, set sail and bellow up into the wind your most colorful spinnaker sail and catch the downwind run of E Commerce business.  Online business is one earth-force you must navigate, or just watch it all parade by.  Online business and digital marketing involves content that tells your personal story. That’s what customers love to believe in.

WINDWARD TACK – Reaching the fastest point of sail, feeling the wind at the top of the masthead fly - beating and tight roping - I fasten another lift toward the mark.  In precise timing again, the bow of my forty-one foot ketch, ‘Fierce Heart’, swings a perfect tack coming-about, climbing up the wind’s eye”. . .  Here’s just an excerpt from my long-in-progress novel ‘Ocean Eyes’.  I don’t really own a ketch, however a former boss taught me how to sail a 21-foot sloop in the Chesapeake Bay, and he sent me to Harbor Patrol School.  That was an awesome experience sailing the Chesapeake Bay for two summers.  Those two summers generated a few tremendous sea-stories that tie in amazingly well with real-life insight and wisdom. Pictured here in the inset-photo is my little brother Steven, who passed away years ago, together we had experienced a sweet taste of ‘old sailors’ glory.

SPINNAKER – Staying the course no matter the sea be rough or calm, smooth or choppy. Sailing the Chesapeake Bay taught me how to cut through the swells and the art of catching the wind full.  The feeling is tremendous being part of only two earth forces, the wind and sea. I learned how to detect the wind’s direction from its feel on my face and by reading the water surface. It was peaceful to my soul setting sail on the bay, daydreaming all the hopes in my heart. Running with the wind - downwind - is my favorite and the most mysterious as the wind seems to die, even though we’re surging through the water, its suddenly quiet and eerie.  This is when you’ll often see the large, colorful parachute looking sails called spinnakers, bellowing up into the wind.  Catching the wind full – that’s an awe-inspiring feeling becoming like one with the sea and sky.