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What is a favorite story related to your business?

William Noel - Tuesday, February 12, 2019

EDGE OF TWILIGHT – Offering no conveniences of home and having all the comforts of mountain-high fortitude, there is a cabin I’ll always hold in memory because of the many personal retreat stories born there. The Hawaiian November dissolves into castles of clouds drifting up the rise of mountain heights at Koke’e, Kauai. The autumn-chill up there, being around 30 degrees colder than in the valley, cloaked me in my favorite season from back east. Equipped with wood stove, heavy blankets, and grilled rib-eyes, the soft edge of twilight turned into deep night becoming our sky-portal to the universe. Opening its window of time, all of our tall-tales, and blissful laughter lingered into the endless night hours.

LAND OF THE HULA MOON – At the top of Na’Pali, where day has merged the sea and sky together again, where the canyon gorge drops 4,000 feet – cool trade winds pushed our faces [mauka] toward the high country, in the wild and uncharted regions. Up there, in ancient wilderness, shrouded in mist at Waimea Canyon, through Eucalyptus forests and Koa forests we crossed the threshold into a place of holy isolation. Here in this characteristic territory is where we would go to abandon who we were and forget where the world was.

UNCHARTED REGIONS – What is a favorite story related to your business? How to illustrate stories into your business could be uncharted territory for some business owners. The rock of good business is not about selling, it’s about building relationship while serving your village. It takes stories about you and your business. These are the values customers love to believe in. You can no longer be just another website.