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Nourishment Comes From the Marketplace

William Noel - Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Resembling advanced gardening, your business brand and marketing must flourish and grow in order to yield a substantial and impressive ‘harvest’, or ROI. It must be cultivated, fertilized, watered, and attentively looked after regularly to gain spectacular results and nourishment from the marketplace. Just like Jefferson’s science of horticulture, bring entirely new experiences to your customers. Your most urgent cause must be future-proofing your company with healthy online activity. It involves content that tells your unique entrepreneurial story. That is what customers love to believe in.

HORSE MANURE – Do you enjoy growing your own vegetable garden? Have you noticed the dramatic increase in vegetable gardening this year? There is also an increase in ‘buy-local’ food co-ops, and more activity at farmers markets? Many of my neighbors have started new gardens this year. In our rural and urban Albemarle County, growing your own food or buying locally can have a fit savings on your budget; also, it could have a healthy impact on your life style.

SAVING CABBAGE HEADS - Over at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s vegetable garden yields a substantial and impressive harvest three seasons per year. Today, the garden is an interpretation of TJ’s original, as it existed between 1807 and 1814. Modern tools, such as rotor-tillers, are utilized to ease the maintenance, although planting and harvesting are much the same as during TJ’s time. Organic fertilizers, natural pesticides, and irrigation are used to preserve the varietal collection. I heard it said that, when Monticello gardeners share their fresh vegetables, local chefs covet the distinctive flavors and nutritional quality as an entirely new experience of vegetables.